Martabak? Red Bull? Spicy Roasted Corn? What kind of ice cream flavors are these?


Who would’ve thought that what we usually consume as an energy drink can become an ice cream flavor? Well, this place thought of it, since they have Red Bull as one of their unique ice cream flavors.

Located at Pantai Indah Kapuk, this gelato and dessert bar has been the talk of the town. How can it not? Latteria is offering weird-yet-wonderful flavors like Martabak and Spicy Roasted Corn, among other less-weird-yet-still-wonderful flavors like Oreo, Hazelnut, and Cream Cheese.


The place was quite cozy, dominated with natural colors of brown and grey. I guess they’re trying to show the natural side, adding the fact that their logo is the shape of a cow.

You can taste their ice cream flavors before you order. I tasted view of the unique ones and ended up ordering 4 scoops, consisted of my all-time favorite flavors: Hazelnut and Oreo, also adding Red Velvet and Earl Grey to make it more interesting. How was it? I must admit that their ice cream flavors and texture was quite addictive.

In a competitive food business like today, ideas like these are making the food world more and more interesting to explore. This place surely gets people’s attention and curiosity, making Latteria quite a must-visit place. Their bold flavors are definitely worth your lick. :p

Note: Their unique ice cream flavors are changing every week. I heard their next flavor is Kecombrang and Jeruk Purut Sorbet. Who knows what that’s gonna taste like!


Latteria Gelato and Dessert Bar
Ruko Crown Golf Blok D No. 39
Pantai Indah Kapuk
Jakarta Utara

Price: 2 flavors 38k, 3 flavors 50k, 4 flavors 63k