Right after we climbed the mighty Batu Baginda, our friend from Sanasiniyo! took us to Penyabong Beach which took only about 10-minute drive. We’re having lunch there but he said that the food preparation might be long and we should stroll around the granite rocks first if we wanted to. Well, of course we wanted to! The rocks on the left and right of this beach were just calling for us to climb. The beach looked so pretty with its white, powdery sand and clear, turquoise water. Here, you could also find unique seashells lying around in the sand.

Photo by Sanasiniyo!

Everything you need basically is here. If you need to cool down, you can rest under the trees. If you’re hungry, you can eat a wide variety of seafood. If you’re thirsty, you can drink some fresh coconut or the local drink, jeruk kunci. And there’s less crowd here than other beaches – although if you visit Belitung in low season, you won’t ever be bothered by the crowd, anywhere.

We climbed (easily) over the granite rocks that were facing right at the open sea. To let you know first, the name “penyabong” comes from the Indonesian word “penghubung” which means “connecting”. The granite rocks here are connecting and interlocking so it’s easier to climb until its furthest end.

We walked, we climbed, we jumped, we even raced to the top because we started to get used to these rocks and they’re getting more and more exciting to play around on (yes, we’re a bunch of daredevils who like to live dangerously). When we reached the edge of the rock, the view was breathtaking. We ended up sitting right on its edge for a while, forgot that our stomachs were still empty.

It’s not long after we went down and finished eating that we climbed those rocks again and took many, many, many more photos. Afterwards, once again, we sat on the edge of the rock and just soak in the sun and the view – which I wish I could do forever – until it’s time for us to continue our journey and head to the next destination: Arumdalu. A well-deserved article about this beautiful private resort and its private beach will be posted soon. Stay tuned!

Photo by Sanasiniyo!
Photo by Sanasiniyo!
Photo by Sanasiniyo!