It was quite a laid-back morning since our friend-slash-guide only said that we were going to “briefly go up a hill” and spend the rest of the day swimming at a private beach until sunset. So my friends and I only prepared our swimsuits and slippers to have a nice day out in the sun. Little did we know that we were going to CLIMB a huge rock that looks more like a mountain than just a rock, after hiking through the woods – though the hike was brief and took only about 15 minutes to Batu Baginda’s climbing point.

Belitung is famous for its granite rocks, but this one was the mightiest I’ve encountered so far.

Our main challenge was to climb up the rock with only the help of a thin rope and partly-broken wooden ladder. It took us about an hour to successfully get everyone up – 12 people to be exact. And the climb was so steep, I couldn’t even imagine how we could get down. But I set that aside once I saw the view from the top.

Yes, the climb was worth it. You definitely could feel the shivering heights from there, because you could see the ocean until the furthest your eyes can see and thousands of trees lining up perfectly beneath you. And from there, you’d see another rock not too far from the one you’re standing on. Our friend said that Batu Baginda consists of these pair of rocks that symbolize a man and a woman.

Photo by Sanasiniyo!

The rock you’re standing on itself is majestic with its gritty texture and wavy form. Try to stand near the edge of this rock. Without any safety fence in sight, it makes it even more thrilling – though you still have to be careful, because if you slip… you know what would happen.

When it’s time to come down, that thrilling feeling continued. I have to say, though, I think the climb was not that hard. It’s just very steep and the majority of our group was girls, that’s all. So in conclusion, you do have to “briefly” walk up the woods and climb the rock, but the view is mesmerizing so put this place on top of your list along with its beautiful beaches when you’re planning to go to Belitung.

Photo by Sanasiniyo!

Batu Baginda is located in Membalong, only 7 km from Tanjung Pandan and near to Penyabong Beach that also has superb view of granite rocks and turquoise water. If you need help planning your trip to Belitung, Sanasiniyo! has an excellent tour service. Just check out their Instagram for more info.